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Circuit training: Our circuit classes are a combination of strength training and cardio achieved through functional fitness. These classes are an excellent way of ensuring increasing your strength, endurance and muscle growth. Each class consists of multiple stations that include free weights, kettlebells, battleropes etc. with rest in between. From beginner to advance, this circuit can be modified to each member.

Individual Pure Power:  Working at your individual station, you will be guided through an intense workout consisting of dumbbell work, kettlebells, mat work and cardio. This workout is sure to leave you feeling strong and sweaty.

Strength & Conditioning-Advanced: We keep this class size small in this advanced strength weight lifting class. This allows our trainer to ensure that you are using proper form to maximize results. The class focus changes from week to week to target different muscle groups or to focus on a particular skill. This class will focus on barbell work, pull ups, toes to bar and other functional movements.If you are new to lifting heavy weights, we recommend that you book a series of private sessions with a trainer prior to attending this class. This class is not offered as a drop in class. You must be a current member of LLF.

BodyShred: Jillian Michael’s BodyShred is a high intensity and endurance based 30 minute workout. Using her 3-2-1 approach, 3 minutes cardio, 2 minutes strength and 1 minute of abs, this method will help maximize calories burned during and after your workout is over.

Butts & Core Galore: This class is 45 minutes in length and focuses on strengthening your butt and core.

Lunch Time Circuit: Come in during your lunch break and get fit! This mid day workout is just what you need to ensure you get your workout in. Circuit, strength and just the right amount of cardio to get your heart going before getting back to your day!

Outside Circuit: Let’s take advantage of the warmer weather by taking our circuit outside. Meet down at Bayview Park Pavilion on Thursday evenings at 5:30pm. We’ll bring all the equipment needed to make sure you get a great full body workout. All you need to bring is some water and your energy! 

*If you have a group that would like a specific class at a specific time, please reach out to us*


I have been an active member of Live life Fit for over a year. Whether its one on one training or any one of the various daily scheduled classes, I always get what I need and more out of Cecile and Meghan’s programming and workouts.
Unlike any other gym I’ve been used to, Cecile and Meghan know how to conduct a class with various age and athletic abilities and push every individual to the best and beyond of their potential. I always leave a session feeling I’ve gotten the best workout in possible…regardless if its one on one or in a class atmosphere.
Another key element of what sets Live Life Fit apart is the way they listen and cater to their clients. Cecile always takes into consideration what works best for her clients so they can achieve their personal goals. Early morning classes, mid day and evening…there is NEVER an excuse not to get your workout in!!!!
Live Life Fit is by far the greatest atmosphere I’ve ever had the pleasure of working out in, being myself, pushing myself and crushing my goals in!!!!

-Season L.