After School Program


Fit Kids is for you if...

• You want your child to discover and develop their athletic ability at an early age
• You want your children to avoid the perils of inactivity that can lead to obesity
• You would like your child to be active rather than being held in the same room they’ve been in for the past 7-8 hours

After the program your kids will…

• Understand the importance of building healthy, strong bodies
• Be able to make healthy snacks
• Fall asleep on the couch exhausted
• Develop speed and agility for any athletic sport
• Enjoy socializing with new-found friends
• Run around happily showing everyone at home their jump, push-up and pull-up skills
• Build confidence
• Help to shape and push forward the health of your whole family

Please sign up before October 2nd to ensure your child secures their spot for our October session!