It’s been a long 9 weeks and we are all waiting patiently to get back to our regular routine which includes going to the gym. We know how excited everyone is to get back at it because your coaches are super excited too. Although our virtual classes have been amazing for many, there’s nothing quite like face to face human interaction, of course at a safe distance!

At the moment, we are patiently waiting to hear exactly when we will be able to open our doors. We have been watching how other studio gyms around the world have been opening, what precautions they are taking, their new class sizes and their protocols for disinfecting the equipment and gym.

While we transition back into the gym, we will continue doing our virtual workouts. We understand and appreciate that not everyone will be comfortable getting back into the gym right away. That’s ok! We will do our best to ensure that you stay active and healthy until you are ready to join us in person.

Here’s what we do know so far;

  • Our classes sizes will be reduced
  • You will need to sign a new waiver before your first class
  • Every class will be Individual Pure Power (this will make some of you super happy!)
  • You will have your own taped off station with your own equipment
  • No circuit style classes for awhile
  • No sharing equipment
  • Maybe we can even workout outside in the back of the gym safely

This pandemic has brought on a lot of fear and anxiety for many of you. The Government will outline strict rules for us to follow and we intend on following them to ensure everyone’s safety. Your health and safety is our number one concern.

We will continue to update you as we hear any news. In the meantime, our virtual classes will continue as they have been. You should all be so proud of yourselves for getting up and starting your day taking care of you!