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Welcome to Live Life Fit!
Congratulations on taking the first steps towards a healthier you.


In order to begin your fitness journey at Live Life Fit, we offer an onboarding program that allows us to serve you better by getting to know your goals, expectations, fitness level, and experience. You get to learn about the movements and equipment we use during our classes and our expectations of our members in a fun, safe and controlled environment.

Our onboarding program consists of three personal training sessions followed by one month of unlimited classes for $349.00. If you are already familiar with functional fitness, completing a proficiency test during your first session with one of our coaches will allow you to participate in scheduled group classes and your payment will be reflective of the sessions used and put towards future classes.

During your onboarding sessions, we will introduce you to a typical warm up, the fundamental movements and technique of our most common exercises, a sample of a workout involving what was taught that day and a cool down. These intro sessions will help prepare you for entrance into our group classes and are necessary in preparation for participation in the scheduled group classes.